Monroe Approved

Monroe Approved Cover

Casey's brother Chris Henry has crafted a magnificant collection of original tunes, as well as a good number of Monroe-penned numbers, including the title cut, the "Monroe Approved" medley. Listen closely and you might even hear the ghost of Bill Monroe! Guest musicians include Ronnie McCoury, Jason Carter, Mike Bub, Casey Henry, Red Henry, John Hedgecoth, Alan O'Bryant, Charlie Cushman, and Robert Bowlin. $15

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Monroe Approved - Chris Henry

Tracks (click for sound clips):

  1. The Indians are Coming (C. B. Henry)
  2. James River (C.B. Henry)
  3. Paddy on the Turnpike (p.d.)
  4. Listen to the Lonesome Train (Boxcar Door) (C. B. Henry)
  5. Gallatin (C.B. Henry)
  6. Monroe Approved (C.B. Henry)
  7. King David (C.B. Henry)
  8. Red's Zeppelin (Red Henry)
  9. Better Late (C.B. Henry)
  10. Farewell to Long Hollow (B. Monroe)
  11. Whitfield Breakdown (C. B. Henry)
  12. Bed on the Floor (W. Gutherie)

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