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Custom Lessons: If you've been working with The Murphy Method DVDs, you'll already be familiar with Casey's teaching style. Sometimes there's a song that you really want to learn, but it's not on any DVD. Casey can do a lesson for almost any song you're interested in. A single break to most traditional bluegrass songs will cost $40 (more if it's particularly long or complicated or not bluegrass). To order: If the song appears on the list below, you can order right here using the "Add to Cart" button. If you don't see your song on the list, email Casey and you can arrange for her to record your lesson. (Also available: Guitar practice tracks [click here].)

Type BOTH titles into the box at the SAME TIME. Price is $30 for Two.
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What's already available: Here's a list of the songs that are ready to be burned to disc and sent to you immediately. These are songs that previous students have requested. Abbreviations following the titles refer to the level of the lesson: B=Beginner, I=Intermediate, A=Advanced, RA=Really Advanced. Price is $30 each.

  • Recent Additions
  • Big Black Train (I) Watch clip.
  • Columbus Stockade Blues (I) Watch clip.
  • Gentle On My Mind (rolling backup) (I) Watch clip.
  • Go Rest High On That Mountain (I) Watch clip.
  • Wearin' A Hole (rolling backup) (The Steeldrivers) (A) Watch clip.


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