Get Along Girl

Get Along Girl Cover

The Two-Stringers' first full-length CD features Chris's songwriting and Casey and Chris's close sibling harmonies. Their traditional bluegrass sound is unique and fresh. Note: I no longer have any physical copies of this CD. There is one currently left at CDBaby. Please visit CDBaby or iTunes to download the album.

Get Along Girl - Casey and Chris and the Two-Stringers

Tracks (click for sound clips):

  1. Two Hands On the Wheel (N. Pate)
  2. Walkin' West to Memphis (C.B. Henry)
  3. Going Back to Old Virginia (D. McLaughlin)
  4. Sound I Hear (S. Jones)
  5. Leroy and Liza (C.A. Henry)
  6. One Foot in the Graveyard (C.B. Henry)
  7. Counting On the Stars (C.B. Henry)
  8. Hold Back the Waters (W. McLean)
  9. Change of Heart (C.B. Henry)
  10. Pass the Eagle (C.B. Henry)
  11. Sad Woman from the Country (C. Brashear)
  12. Pitiful Life (C. B. Henry)
  13. Got Sweet Heaven in my View (S. McCandlish)

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