New Strings, New Hearts

Heartstrings Cover

Casey is featured playing some mighty fine banjo on this CD from Tennessee HeartStrings Band. THSB was an all-female bluegrass band based in Nashville, Tenn. They played lots of good original music and were known for their outstanding vocals and tight harmonies. One of Casey's original tunes, "St. Simon Says," appears here. She also sings lead on "Georgia," a tune from the pen of her aunt Nancy Pate. Chris Henry adds his mandolin to three tracks. $15

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Tracks (Sorry there are no samples yet. I'll get them up eventually!):

  1. Bluegrass Home
  2. Keystone Coal
  3. Love is a Fabric
  4. Georgia
  5. January Wind
  6. Dancin' Around Love
  7. Ride Upon the Moon
  8. If I'd Had a Mother Like You
  9. St. Simon Says
  10. New Spring Dress
  11. One Heart
  12. Gonna Be Movin'

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