Casey Henry with banjo


February 2016: Someone brought to my attention the fact that my homepage is out of date. Yes. It is. However, I update my lessons page every month with new additions to my list of custom lessons.

Want to come to a banjo workshop where Casey is teaching? Check out the workshop schedule over at the Murphy Method.

July 2012: The store is now updated with all of Casey's Murphy Method instructional DVDs and includes links to the downloads as well.

January 2012: Casey has relocated to Winchester, Virginia, so she will be teaching banjo lessons in person there. If you're interested in webcam lessons, of course, it doesn't matter where she is (or you are)!

July 2011: You can now order webcam lessons and Custom DVD Lessons directly through this website. Visit the Lessons page to do so.

Casey Henry endorses Kel Kroydon banjos (see her playing her Signature Model at right) which she strings up with her signature strings. Please visit the American Made Banjo website to find out more about Casey's banjo.

At Right: Casey's debut performance on the Grand Ole Opry, playing with Michael Martin Murphey, April 4, 2009.

You can now follow Casey on Twitter.

Casey blogs every now and then over at The Murphy Method Blog.


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